TEKNO FIRE  Water mist – Systems is renowned for pioneering high pressure water mist fire protection technology.

TEKNO FIRE Water mist -Systems protects people, property and business continuity in a wide range of applications.

Water mist- systems can be utilized as an automatic fire suppression system by wetting, cooling and suffocating a fire.

Water mist – systems from Fire ward present a quick-action and comprehensive solution to control fire.

A water mist system is a re protection system which uses very fine water sprays which control, suppress or extinguish fires by:

• Cooling both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation
• Displacing oxygen by evaporation
• Attenuating radiant heat


The effectiveness of a water mist system in fire suppression depends on it’s spray characteristics, which include the droplet size distribution, flux density and spray dynamics, with respect to the fire scenario, such as the shielding of the fuel, fire size and ventilation conditions.

The use of water mist fire suppression, when compared to the use of gaseous agents and traditional sprinkler systems, has revealed advantages such as:

A water mist -system is a good means of fire suppression due to its excellent capability of high heat absorption. The equipment is suitable for fire protection as it produces cooling and minimum water is used as compared to a standard sprinkler system. At Tekno Fire, we undertake the supply and maintenance of these systems.

The Water Mist -system forced through micro nozzles at very high pressure to create a mist with the most effective firefighting drop size distribution. The extinguishing effects give optimum protection by cooling, due to heat absorption and inverting due to the expansion of water by over 1700 times during evaporation.