Oil & Gas


TEKNO FIRE provides Qatar’s oil and gas producers and related government institutions with cutting-edge technology in oil eld instrumentation and mechanical equipment, from some of the world’s top manufacturing brands.

As a local leader in petroleum services, we have a talented management team to develop and manage businesses through our knowledge, experience and global network of relationships. With oileld equipment and services in high demand, Tekno Fire is well placed to provide high-quality and cost-eective services to the Qatar national and International Oil & Gas companies.

Ultimately, we are driven by our strong sense of values. We form close partnerships with the companies we support and invest in and we build strong relationships based on Integrity, Trust and Mutual Respect

TEKNO FIRE is a quality and service oriented company providing vital services to the Qatar Oil & Gas Industry, helping national and international oil

companies to develop, maintain and manage their businesses. By applying new technology and providing a high quality service, Tekno Fire can support and partner, manufacturing and service businesses to adapt to the challenging market. Tekno Fire can provide the necessary insights and expertise which would enable client companies to maximize hydrocarbon recovery for the industry, as it focuses on Oil and Gas elds that present increasing technical challenges.

TEKNO FIRE has successfully diversied its business by extending its services to dierent sectors like Power & Energy Petrochemical, Water & Wastewater Engineering & Contracting and other related industries for Installation & Maintenance.