Moon Complex

Project Information

  • Date :
    2022- ongoing
  • Work :
    Electrical and ELV installation, Mechanical and Civil Worksl
  • Clients :
    Moon Complex at Tirana
  • Location :
  • Electrical and ELV installation works:- LV Panel, SMDB, DBs, Small power (Wiring Accessories), lighting (internal and External), cable pulling, cable tray & cable trunking, fire alarm, CCTV, Structure cabling, DATA & Telephone, Public Address, Access control, lighting control and Home Automation.


    Mechanical Works: HVAC units (TFAHU, AHU, FCU, ERU, Chiller, VAV, FAF, EXF), Ductwork, Insulation, Damper, Diffuser, Chilled water Pump, Pressurization unit, Heat Exchanger, Dosing pot, Valve, Piping & Insulation, Water Supply Pump, Filter, Heater, GRP Water Tank, Calorifier, Piping, Insulation & Valve, Rainwater Piping & Drain, Drainage Pump, Piping & Drain, Sanitary Ware & Accessories, Firefighting Pump, Piping, Valve, Sprinkler, Foam Deluge System & Fire Suppression System, Compressed Air System, BMS, Passenger Lift, Irrigation Pumps, Piping, Valve & Sprinkler, Swimming Pool Pumps, Filter, Piping, Valve & Tank.


    Civil Works: Excavation, Earthwork, Backfilling, Concrete work, Reinforcement, Formwork, Complete Slab Construction, Blockwork Walling, Asphalt work, Roofing, Waterproofing Membrane, Concrete Screed, Insulation, Geo-textile Protection, Pavers, Sheet Metal Roofing, Joinery, Lining, Casing, Partitions, Sanitary Counter Tops, Kitchen Cabinets & Equipment’s, Signages, Steel Structure work, Steel Doors & Frames, Roof Parapet, Cladding & Covering, Handrail, Balustrade, Floormat, Metal Staircase, Bollards,  Glass & Glazing, Plaster, Epoxy Coating, Tile, Plain Sheet Finishing, Suspended Ceiling, Gypsum work, Decorative Painting, Weather Resistant Painting.